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Worcestershire Royal Hospital Dementia Garden
Worcestershire Royal Hospital Dementia Garden

Worcestershire Royal Hospital Dementia Garden

Worcestershire Royal Hospital provides support to families of love ones living with dementia, so when we heard about a nurse’s attempts to turn an unloved, disused courtyard into a welcoming garden, we knew we had to help.

Our partners at AP Carpentry Ltd had already volunteered their time and expertise to the hospital, so when we were approached, we instantly decided to offer our services free of charge.

The Project

While AP Carpentry had already levelled the courtyard and begun to install the various elements of a sensory garden, the courtyard’s location required additional lighting sources to make sure the garden could be enjoyed all day long and all year round.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital Dementia Garden 1

In order to keep running and maintenance costs down, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd recommended the use of energy efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs and fittings. That way, the garden wouldn’t place an extra burden on the hospital’s budget or on the maintenance team.

The Outcome

The full LED light installation took only a couple of days, allowing the garden to be opened on schedule.

Patients and families in the hospital’s Avon 4 ward now have access to a safe, welcoming and engaging area where patients can enjoy a stimulating natural environment and where carers can find some respite.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital Dementia Garden 2

As this project is dedicated to those living with the effects of dementia, we’ll give the last word to Henry Sandon, whose late wife had lived with the condition:

This beautiful garden will bring delight to many patients, families and staff. I myself have visited patients on Avon 4 and I know how much joy it will bring to be able to leave the ward and have such a wonderful environment to come to. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in making this a reality.”

Henry Sandon MBE – speaking to the NHS trust.

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