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LED Light Installation, Worcester

Energy-Saving LED Lighting for Homes and Businesses

More and more homeowners and businesses are choosing LED lighting, and they’re turning to us to handle LED installations across Worcester and the surrounding areas. With Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd on board, switching to LED lights means you can quickly enjoy the benefits of a light that uses much less power than even energy-saving bulbs!

Even better, the average LED bulb lasts far longer than a traditional or energy saving bulb, allowing you to reap the benefits of lower running costs over a far longer lifespan. The savings for a commercial property with hundreds of light fittings soon start to add up, while homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not scrabbling round for a spare bulb at 10pm.

Why Choose LED Lights?

Let’s say your home has ten lightbulbs. Your business premises probably have far more, but let’s stick to the home to begin with.

Switching from the old 60W incandescent bulbs to the dull, yellow energy saving bulbs would save you £70 per year – but you have to contend with lights that take a while to warm up, and much lower brightness.

If you switch to LED lighting instead, you save £75 per year.

That’s only a fiver, but when you consider that LED bulbs come on instantly, give off a clean, bright light and last for 10 times as long, suddenly you understand why people are choosing LED installations.

Quick and Simple LED Installation from Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd

Whether you’re switching to LED strip lighting or just want to make sure your existing light fittings can handle an LED bulb, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd has you covered.

Our professional contractors work throughout Worcester and the surrounding areas, and we pride ourselves on our friendly, honest and reliable service. We’ve fitted LED lights in homes, gardens and hospitals throughout the region, and our customers enjoy significant savings year-on-year.

So if you want a brighter, greener future, give us a call on 01905 676 366 and ask about our LED lighting installation services today.