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Landlord Safety Certificates, Worcester & Hereford

Electrical Safety Certificates for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your tenants are safe. Landlord safety certificates are a large part of demonstrating that you take this responsibility seriously, and that you’re honouring your duty of care towards the people in your property in Worcester, Hereford or the surrounding areas.

As professional electricians, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd can inspect your property and issue a safety certificate to prove that your property is safe for your tenants.  Call our team on 01905 676 366 and we’ll outline the whole process for you.

Inspections and Certificates

The government requires that as a landlord, you ensure that:

  • All of the property’s wiring, sockets and light fittings are safe and correctly installed
  • All appliances such as cookers, kettles and white goods are safe and tested

In order to prove that you’ve met these requirements, you may be required at any point to produce a valid and up-to-date landlord safety certificate which shows your property has been inspected by a qualified electrical expert.

As the experts of choice for landlords throughout Hereford, Worcester and the surrounding areas, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd is familiar with all of these safety requirements and the process of inspecting a property and issuing an electrical safety certificate. We’re also able to address any problems which would prevent you from obtaining a certificate, ensuring that your property remains safe for your tenants during their occupancy.

Inspections at a Time that Suits

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd’s team takes pride in working to your exact requirements. We’ll be more than happy to liaise with you, the landlord, or with any tenants currently occupying your property to arrange a convenient time for a full inspection.

Once we’ve checked your property and made you aware of any issues, we’ll be happy to award the safety certificate, or undertake any remedial work that’s required prior to that certificate being issued. Any work that we carry out on your behalf will be backed by a range of guarantees, including our own one year parts and labour guarantee.

Make sure that you’re meeting your responsibilities for your tenants. Call us today on 01905 676 366 and we’ll arrange the site visit and begin the process of issuing your landlord safety certificates. We cover all of Hereford, Worcester and the surrounding areas.