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Burglar Alarms, Worcester & Hereford

Expert Burglar Alarm Installation

Like property owners across Worcester, Hereford and the whole of the country, you take your security seriously. You know that to protect your property, your belongings or your business, you need a deterrent that’s effective. You need burglar alarms. We provide intruder and burglar alarm installation throughout the region, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd will recommend the correct alarm for your home, office or commercial premises, and we’ll make sure it’s correctly installed. The end result – your property is safer, and you have that all-important peace of mind.  Call our team on 01905 676 366 and we’ll discuss your alarm options.

Burglar Alarms and Autodiallers

According to a survey of convicted criminals by an insurance company, just the sight of a burglar alarm is enough to put off many potential intruders. And for the rest, the sound of an alarm means that they’ll be gone in seconds, leaving your valuable property behind (If you’re looking for additional reassurance, both car thieves and burglars named CCTV systems as their top deterrent).

The sound of an alarm only works if it’s responded to, which is why along with burglar alarm installations, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd also fit autodiallers which are linked to your alarm. If the security system is triggered, the autodialler will instantly call any phone numbers you require, alerting you, on-site security, or the authorities.

Thieves deterred, authorities notified, and your mind put at ease. Burglar alarms might be a simple way of protecting your home, but there’s no doubting the results which they deliver.

Your Reliable Installer

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd’s specialist intruder alarm installers are all fully trained, completely familiar with a wide range of alarms and autodiallers, and are able to help you secure any property.

The work we carry out is also backed by our own one year parts and labour guarantee, the NICEIC Platinum Promise, and an optional ECA Bond, so it’s not just the alarm system which should help you sleep more soundly!

If you’re looking for burglar alarms, or you want to discuss a burglar alarm installation with an autodialler, call our security team now on 01905 676 366. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and to arrange a site visit so that we can recommend the right security alarm for your requirements.