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Home Automation Systems – Worcester & Hereford

Home Automation Installation

You step through the door and tap your smartphone. The lights flick on, and your favourite song starts to play through a home you told to warm up half an hour ago. That’s how simple and easy life with a home automation system is. The only difficult part is the installation, and that’s the part we will handle for you.

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd provides home automation installation across Worcester, Hereford and the surrounding areas. Heating, lighting, entertainment and security, all at the tap of a screen. Call 01905 676 366 for more information.

Home Automation Installation Helps Your Home Look After Itself

We can all imagine being welcomed into a warm home by soft lights and relaxing music – but that’s just brushing the surface of what our Nest approved home automation systems will provide.

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd will do more than help your home set a mood. We’ll show you how automation can help a smart home protect itself. Wherever you are in the world, you can tell your home to simulate someone being in. And if that doesn’t put off a potential burglar, maybe the sound of a dog barking when your security lights come on will do the trick!

Whether you want your home to know when you’re due to arrive, or whether you want to use home audio and lighting to increase security, we’ll install a system that’ll meet your needs.

Nest Approved Installers

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd is a Nest approved installer of home automation systems, and we’re able to handle even the most complex system with the very latest features.

We take pride in our professionalism, and work hard to minimise any disruption. After all, your house is your home, and your future comfort shouldn’t mean you’re made to feel uncomfortable while we’re at work.

That professionalism also extends to our range of promises and guarantees.

To discuss your dream smart home, call us on 01905 676 366 and ask about home automation systems. You’ll discover just how simple and painless home automation installation is, and we’ll explain all about our parts and labour guarantees.