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Landscape Lighting, Worcester & Hereford

Installing Garden Lights Across the Region

When the nights are drawing in, that doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon your garden. Landscape lighting helps you enjoy your home late into a summer night. Installing garden lights or floodlights also helps to brighten up a dark autumn evening, ensuring that you won’t be left in the dark any time of year.

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd specialises in the fitting and installation of all types of garden lights. From single floodlights to LED lighting for larger gardens, we’ll illuminate your landscape. Please call us today on 01905 676 366 for more information.

Installing Garden Lights Does More Than You’d Expect

Landscape lighting offers  property owners a lot. Not only are you creating a welcoming environment in your garden well into the evenings, you’re also creating a safe, secure area.

Well-lit gardens, car parks and seating areas have been shown to dissuade criminals or burglars, adding an extra layer of security to your property.

What’s more, because Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd use highly efficient and long-lasting LED fittings and bulbs, you’ll save money on maintenance and running costs for years to come.

Worcester’s Garden & Landscape Lighting Experts

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd is available to fit and install garden lighting anywhere in Worcester, Hereford, or the surrounding areas.

We bring a high level of professionalism and workmanship to every single project we undertake, and that’s demonstrated by the range of guarantees and promises which we make to you when we carry out a landscape lighting project.

Along with the NICEIC Platinum Promise, we offer a full one year parts and labour guarantee on the lighting that we install, giving you the reassurance that your garden will be well lit for years to come. What’s more, we also offer you an ECA bond for even more added protection.

To talk about landscape lighting with the experts, call us today on 01905 676 366. We’ll discuss installing garden lights, costs, and how to ensure that exteriors are safe and well lit.