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Home Charging Station Installation, Worcester

Commercial and Home Chargepoints for Electric Vehicles

One of the biggest obstacles to the wider use of electric cars is the lack of available home charging stations and roadside chargepoints. Worcester already has a handful of charging points, but electrical vehicle owners are choosing to have their own stations installed at home and in the workplace.

Having a charging station fitted is far less expensive than you might imagine, and Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd can advise you on choosing a chargepoint that’ll be compatible with the vehicles you own today – and the vehicles you may own in future.

After all, with more and more manufacturers creating electric vehicles, it makes sense to futureproof your recharging systems!

What is an EV Chargepoint?

An Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoint is a charging station for your electric car. Think of it as a specialist electrical socket that you attach to your car, and you won’t go far wrong.

Currently we are able to fit and install highly efficient rapid chargers your customers can use when they park up, as well as more affordable charging stations to recharge your car’s batteries overnight from home.

Can You Fit a Charging Station in My Property?

One of the benefits of an electric vehicle over a traditional petrol car is that you’re not tied to fuel stations. It’d be ridiculous to fit a petrol pump in your garage, but a small home chargepoint or series of workplace charging stations can be fitted quickly and easily, and is compatible with your existing wiring.

For businesses, the benefits are even larger. A charging station in your car park is attractive to EV drivers, and they’re more likely to take a look at your products while they’re waiting for their car to recharge.

If your property or workplace is suitable for a charging station, we advise learning more about the government grants which are currently available to domestic and commercial customers in Worcester, Hereford and the surrounding areas.

Find out about the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

Whether you are eligible for a grant or not, Goodridge Electrical Ltd’s team of reliable electrical contractors will discuss all of your requirements if you call us now on 01905 676 366. We’ll have you charging your electrical vehicles in no time once we’ve completed our EV charging station installation in your Worcester, Hereford or other local property.