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Data Cable Installation, Worcester

Network Cables and Induction Loops for Worcester Businesses

Professional data cable installation is a cornerstone of any Worcester business’ communications plan. Without the correct network cabling in place, you won’t be able to share information and data throughout your premises. Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd will help you to plan a data network, and professionally install it on your behalf.

While our contractors are running cables, we also advise you to consider the fitting of an induction loop, which will allow you to better serve employees and guests who make use of a hearing aid.

Data and Network Cabling for Businesses

Your business’ data and computer network will make use of a wide range of cabling – alongside wireless technology. Correctly planning the type, use and location of these cables is crucial if you don’t want your workplace to devolve into a mess of twisted cords, kinked cables and impossible knots.

Our contractors will take the time to discuss your needs and recommend the correct cabling. We’ll recommend the correct equipment, whether that’s high speed fibre-optic network cables or the more widespread and resilient coaxial cabling.

Once we know what we’re working with, we’ll help you to plan the network ahead of the final installation so that everything is easy to access, maintain and replace.

Induction Loops for the Hard of Hearing

Alongside our data cabling, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd can also fit and install induction loops (also known as hearing loops) to your business.

Induction loops are widely used in a range of venues to cater for the one in six British people who suffer from hearing loss. The loops work by transmitting sounds from a microphone or PA system to users’ hearing aids via the induction loop.

As with all of our work, induction loops are covered by our one year labour guarantee, and the NICEIC Platinum Promise. We also ensure that the loops are fully compliant with the relevant legislation.

For more information on fitting an induction loop, or on network or data cable installation anywhere in Worcester or the surrounding areas, please give Goodridge Electrical Contractors a call today on 01905 676 366.