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CCTV Installation, Worcester & Hereford

Secure Your Property With Professional CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are proven to keep your properties safe. There’s no greater deterrent to crime on your property, and a professional CCTV installation will ensure your home, office or commercial premises is protected. Operating throughout Hereford, Worcester and the surrounding areas, Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd will keep you safe.

We fit the most reliable, high quality cameras, and help you integrate them into your existing security measures. We’ll even ensure you can access your cameras on the move with mobile and tablet functionality.  Call our team on 01905 676 366 and we’ll discuss your options.

The Most Secure Option for Your Home or Property

A 2017 survey undertaken by a leading commercial insurer found that criminals view CCTV as the most effective deterrent on the market today. The sight of a CCTV camera system makes potential thieves and burglars think twice, even more than alarms, spotlights or security doors and fencing.

If the CCTV we install doesn’t deter a criminal, it will provide you with the evidence you need for a successful prosecution or insurance claim, giving you the highest possible chance of mitigating any losses caused by crime on your property. The cameras we fit can be linked to your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet allowing you access to a live feed or a recording from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re in a site office and worried about what’s happening at the other end of your property, or you want to check on your home while travelling, the CCTV systems we fit have you covered.

High Quality CCTV Installation

Goodridge Electrical Contractors Ltd only installs high quality camera and recording equipment. The cameras we fit can read car number plates from up to 100m away, even in the dead of night, and we’re able to install CCTV systems that allow you to move and zoom cameras remotely.

The installation is backed by our own one year parts and labour guarantee, the NICEIC Platinum Promise, and an optional ECA Bond, ensuring that your camera and security system will keep your property safe for years to come.

Call us today on 01905 676 366 and we’ll discuss the CCTV systems we offer to clients in Hereford, Worcester and beyond, and arrange a time to visit you and plan out the CCTV installation in full. With our help, you’ll sleep soundly knowing that your property is always protected.